Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sharp Pointy Things


All edges have the ability to cut. Especially things that are designed to cut, but we all know about those and taught from an early age keep your hands off, moms and dads teach kids about these things early on. Along with hot things off the stove or barb, don't jump from high up you'll get hurt, the bathtub gets slippery when it's wet, don't stick things in electrical outlets, stay away from stray dogs, check the expiration date on milk, so mane little thing. You can share the list and give many more but at some point the youngster needs to learn the difference on there own, there's just too much, common sense needs to  needs to rule, but that's another one that youngsters need to learn about, this one pretty much on their own.

I remember as a kid the object lessons i learned. My problem was with burns, barbs, bonfire, fireworks, I even lit a Molotov Cocktail one time. Lucky noon ever got hurt (except me) . I wonder if anyone else had the same type of numskull issues. I was a bad child headed for no place good, lucky for me i wound up in the Navy before any real damage was done. I still had authority issues, but on a different scale, and no one was going to get hurt by me staying absent for an extra 24 hours.

And then we learn. With hope the important lessons are short, succinct and painless with no one getting hurt or even wounded by misrepresentation. We can change our minds like clouds on a over day. We do what we want and move on.

So (my favorite expression) here we are. The more what changes? as am adult not too much, but as a child we're still malleable or relay-dough. As an older gentleman changes come and go, with urgency, or not. Youngsters, on the other-hand, tend to take it all very serious. Lacking the ability, or desire to assess a situation and take whatever action is appropriate

My advice is to figure it out on the fly, it can be a rough start but you get the opportunity to participate, also: don't cry, have a conversation about it, ask "what the heck are you talking about?" even say F-You (yes, saying that will  gets more respect than others replies,), respectfully dismiss "your crazy"  There are hundreds of appropriate responses, none of the entail running out of the room.  All of theses things put you on a footing  of equal situation rather than being victim.

One last thing comes to mind: the difference between men and women when it comes to disputes. What i am referring to is the style of lessons. The world would be a much different place if we (men) thought, acted and behaved. We are taught differences as boys and girls by mom's and dad's as we grow. The issue comes in when daddy leaves, or is around for some abbreviated amount of tum. Then you need to figure it out on your own, but you can do it.


  1. Its so hard to believe that these are your last words posted. I will miss you forever, but you will always be in my heart.
    your little sister